Tango Collusion.

Performance and career recovery and adaption. Melbourne 2021.

Perform live & local

Responsive and agile performance adaption

Record new works in local scene

Record and share new contemporary tango works

Share and collaborate internationally

Connect with the community of world-wide tango musicians

Tango Musicians at Reed College, Portland, Oregon, 2021

We‘ve been preparing a contemporary tango ensemble for three years, after years of performing, studying, and living with musicians throughout the international tango community, from the USA to Buenos Aires.


Short-set live venue performance

Returing to physical performance and our working careers. Collaboration with significant live music venues for quality performances adapted for COVID-safe practices during rehearsal and performance phases.

Urban tango. Summer activation

In collaboration with Tango Melbourne, Tango Collusion
perform a series of outdoor dance, teaching and music
events as part of their career recovery. Laneways, alcoves, atriums, we are agile and flexible.

Mini-series curation

Connecting the live scene with the world tango musician community